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Create a Fake Tweet for Twitter

How to make a Fake Tweet for Twitter

The easiest way to learn how to create a fake Tweet for Twitter is to go through the steps found in the Fake Tweeter Tutorial:

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Steps to create a Fake Tweet:

  1. Go to FakeTweeter.com
  2. Create the Tweet by adding the name, the @handle, the tweet message, and any additional tweet details such as date, time, verification checkmark, and a profile picture. (to learn how to add blue links, hashtags, or names to the post, please refer to our article, How to add Blue text in the Tweet for Links, Hashtags, and Twitter Handles?)
  3. Refer to the live tweet preview, found on the right side of the screen (or the bottom of the page for phones and tablets) in order to see a live preview of all the features that you have added or modified to the fake tweet screenshot.
  4. Add any additional features or options such as Reply Tweets, Retweet Counts, and Like Counts.
  5. Click "Create Image" and you will be able to download your fake Tweet.

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