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Create a Fake Tweet for Twitter

Welcome to the Tutorial

The tutorial till teach you how to make a Fake Tweet for Twitter.

Click the Next button below to start.

Name Option

Use this option to type the Name of the person who is tweeting.

Handle Option

Use this option to type the Twitter Handle of the person who is tweeting.

Reminder: Place the @ symbol at the start of the handle so that it will properly resemble a real tweet.

Name & Handle Preview

The name and handle you input will display at the top of the preview.

Tweet Message

Type the text you want to appear as the content of the post.

Add double {{   }} around the words you want to appears as blue links. Ex: {{google.com}}

Reminder: A real tweet would be less than or eaul to 280 characters.

Additional Post Options

Set the profile picture, date, and/or verified checkmark to provide additional details for your fake tweet.

Add a Comment

Add a new comment to the post by using the + Add Comment button.

Comment Preview

Your new comment will appear in the preview.

Additional Settings

Click the Additional Settings headers ("Sharing" or "Advanced Options") to view other features you can use to further customize the rest of your options.

Create Image

When you have finished selecting your options, click the Create Image button to create your Fake Tweet.

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